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Cancer stem cells (CSCs) have been identified in Retinoblastoma (Rb) and our hypothesis is that this subset of tumor cells contributes to tumorigenesis, metastasis, chemoresistance, and relapse. Evaluation of Cancer Stem Cells (CSCs) in primary tumors is not only of academic interest but also has potential therapeutic applications. A comprehensive functional characterization and standardization of the methodologies for evaluating cancer stem cells in Rb is a challenge and hence, in my thesis, under the guidance of Prof Geeta Vemuganti, I have explored an array of approaches to study the nature of Rb CSCs. I have evaluated the properties of CSCs in Rb Y79 cell line in vitro (Nair RM et al. BMC Cancer 2017) and further analysed specific pathways in primary Rb tumors. The investigations in primary tumors led to the identification of a novel metastasis-related gene for the first time in Retinoblastoma and I have further evaluated the gene as a potential biomarker for Rb prognosis. I have established Rb cell line tumor xenografts using the Chick embryo-chorioallantoic membrane model. The in vivo tumor formation and spontaneous metastatic ability of the Rb CSCs was assessed, for the first time, using this animal model. Details about the alumnus

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