Dr. Anita C T

Associate Professor,
School of Medical Sciences,
University of Hyderabad
Email: actmd@uohyd.ernet.in; ctanitha@gmail.com
Phone: 91-040-23105488

Anitha C T obtained M.D. Community Medicine degree with distinction from the prestigious St. John’s Medical College, Bangalore and Master’s in Public Health degree (MPH) from University of South Florida, Tampa, USA. Her MBBS degree was from JSS Medical College, Mysore University, Karnataka.

Research areas

Maternal Child Health and Nutrition, Food Safety & security, Adolescent Health, Disease Epidemiology, Gender Issues, Public health education, research and practice.

Selected Publications

  1. Manuscript titled Pills, Bills, Ills: Some advice for clients and paramedicals with prof. Mark Lindley.  (Available at academia.edu)
  2. Prakash Babu Kodali, Anitha CT, and Swarajya Kopparty ‘Understanding Hearing Impairment: A Shift towards Measuring Hearing Impairment in Terms of Social and Emotional Functioning’. Indian Journal of Gerontology 2016 Vol. 30 No. 3, Pg. 305
  3. Tanmay Singh Pathani, Shivali Sisodia, Rakesh Verma, Anitha C T, Gender Stereotyping of Women in Antarctica: The Mirror of Gendered World Ecosphere MYNSTICON-2015: Women Special Issue ISSN: 2454-325X. International Journal of Preventive, Curative and Community Medicine. 2015; 1(4)
  4. Prakash Babu Kodali, Anitha C T, Swarajya Kopparty ‘Understanding Hearing Impairment in Individuals from a Perspective of Social and Emotional Functioning’ Disability, CBR and Inclusive Development (DCID). Formerly Asia Pacific Disability Rehabilitation Journal. Vol 27, No 1 (2016)
  5. Deepak Kumar, Anitha Thippaiah, Suresh Kumar Kamalakannan Rehabilitation needs assessment among stroke patients in Andhra Pradesh. Indian Journal of Physical Therapy; Volume -3, Issue-1 (January-June 2015) 
  6. Komal Preet Allagh, Anitha Thippaiah, BR Shamanna, Murthy GVS “Use of innovative teaching methods in obstetric care among final year nursing students in Hyderabad, India”. Indian Journal of Continuing Nursing Education. March 2015
  7. Samiksha Singh, Gudlavalleti VS Murthy, Anitha Thippaiah, Sanjeev Upadhyaya, Murali Krishna, Rajan Shukla, Srikrishna S. R. “Community based Maternal Death Review: Lessons learnt from ten districts in Andhra Pradesh, India” Journal of Maternal and Child Health. January 2015
  8. Anitha Thippaiah, Komal Preet Allagh, Murthy GVS ‘Challenges in Developing Competency Based Training Curriculum for Food Safety Regulators in India’ Indian Journal of Community Medicine. April – June 2014.
  9. Anitha Thippaiah and Gulrez Shah Azhar Hysterectomy and other “hard” software (sensitive) questions. Indian J Med Ethics. 2014 Apr 1;11(2):128-9
  10. Komal Preet Allagh, Anitha Thippaiah Developing training modules for nurses in safe motherhood Indian Journal of Public Health Research & Development. April – June 2012, Vol. 3, No. 2 Pg. 93-96.
  11. M. Rao, S. S. Ramachandra, S. Bandyopadhyay, A. Chandran, R. Shidhaye, S. Tamisettynarayana, A. Thippaiah, Sitamma M., M. Sunil George, V. Singh, S. Sivasankaran, S. I. Bangdiwala.
  12. Addressing healthcare needs of people living below the poverty line: A rapid assessment of the Andhra Pradesh health insurance scheme. The National Medical Journal of India vol. 24, no. 6, 2011 Pg. 335-340.
  13. Rao et al: A rapid evaluation of the Rajiv Aarogyasri community health insurance scheme in Andhra Pradesh, India BMC Proceedings 2012 6 (Supple 1): 04.
  14. Anitha Thippaiah, “Food Safety along with Food and Nutritional Security – the Need of the Hour” white paper for India Urban Conference, Mysore, India. Nov 2011.
  15. Anitha Thippaiah, Food Hygiene and Safety in India.  Abstract book of Asia Conference on Emerging Issues in Public Health

Research Projects

To be added shortly.

Invited talks

  1. Invited as Resource Person for Orientation Programme for junior faculty from higher education institutes on ‘Health and Nutrition’ at UGC-Human Resource Development Cell (HRDC), Hyderabad, India 25th February 2019
  2. Smridhi Singh, Anitha Thippaiah “A study on Occupational Health and Safety of Street Vendors of Delhi and Hyderabad: A case for Universal Health Coverage” Poster presentation at Joint 14th WCB and 7th NBC, Bengaluru, India. 4-7 Dec 2018
  3. Presented paper titled ‘’A study to assess the availability and utilization of health and nutrition services in Anganwadi centres in Narnoor mandal of Adilabad District, Telangana’ e-POSTER at the NIN Centenary International Conference. 11-13 Nov 2018.
  4. Invited as resource person for refresher course in Social Sciences to deliver a talk on ‘Public Health and Nutrition in India’ at HRDC Cell, University of Hyderabad on 18th August 2018.
  5. Presented at the Shastri Indo-Canadian Institute- India Conference “Why Sex and Gender Matters in Social Science and Health Research and Policy: Why Sex and Gender Matters: The Case of Diabetes Mellitus Type 2” 8-9th June 2018, New Delhi
  6. Invited as resource person for refresher course in Social Sciences to deliver a talk on ‘Public Health and Nutrition in India’ at HRDC Cell, University of Hyderabad on 18th August 2018
  7. Presented paper titled ‘Study to assess dietary pattern among school going adolescents in Khammam district, Telangana state, India’ at National Conference on Human Civilization and Dietary Practices organized by The Asian Centre for Cross-Cultural Studies (ACCCS) held on 22nd and 23rd of September, 2017 in Chennai.
  8. Invited as Resource Person at International Training Programme in Social Gerontology organized by International Institute on Ageing, United Nations – Malta (UN INIA) and International Longevity Centre – India In collaboration with The Tata Institute of Social Sciences 4-8 December 2017 at Hyderabad
  9. Plenary speaker at AUSHADH 2K17 at National conference on Pharmacoeconomic shift and quality of life. Talk on Pharmacoeconomic shift and quality of life – Public health perspective on 25th March 2017, VIPER, Narsapur, Medak district, Telangana, India.
  10. Invited talk on “Thinking Research Designs and Food Systems: National Perspectives and Nutritional Guidelines with a relevance to gender and equity with case examples of T2DM” at the Ministry of Human Resource Development (MHRD) scheme – Global initiative for academic networks (GIAN) Program titled: Gender and Equity in Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus. Moving Forward on Prevention and Control of Type 2 Diabetes with Gender and Equity Lens. University of Hyderabad, 23rd January 2017.
  11. Invited talk at the UGC – Human Resource Development Centre as a Resource Person for participants of Orientation Courses (batches of 94, 95, 96, 97, 98, 99th) on Food Security in India: Women and Children. University of Hyderabad, 2016 -2017.
  12. Invited talk on the Importance of Health and Hygiene and Balanced Diet in maintaining good health as part of Capacity Building course for staff nurses at Navodaya Leadership Institute, 18th January 2017
  13. Presented a paper titled ‘Maternal Death Review- Using Verbal autopsy as a research tool’ at Dr. B.R. Ambedkar University of Social Sciences at Mhow, Indore, Madhya Pradesh on 6th September 2016.
  14. Presented paper on Social equality, women empowerment and Sustainable Development Goals at national seminar “Dr. B.R Ambedkar’s vision of economic development of India” sponsored by the ICSSR at School of Economics, University of Hyderabad. August 2016
  15. Delivered key note address at the Centre for Women’s Studies, Kakatiya University during National seminar on “Food Security for women and children in India: Challenges and opportunities”, Warangal, Telangana. 21st March 2016.
  16. “Assessment of 24-hrs Maternal and Child Health services at Primary Health Centers in Medak district of Telangana, India” at the First Mysore International Conference on Medical and Social Sciences organized by University of Mysore and MMC & RI, Mysore, India. 24th -27th November 2015
  17. “Gender Stereotyping of Women in Antarctica- The Mirror of Gendered World Ecosphere” by Tanmay Singh, Shivali Sisodia, Rakesh Verma, Anitha C T at the First Mysore International Conference on Medical and Social Sciences organized by University of Mysore and MMC & RI, Mysore, India. 24th -27th November 2015
  18. Oral presentation on “Challenges and proposed solutions to ensure food safety through the food regulatory workforce in India” at the National conference on Emerging issues in Environment, Occupational health and safety its National Scenario and Regional Needs at ROHC (S)-NIOH, Bangalore, 22nd -24th July 2015
  19. Invited lecture on “Public Health Nutrition and Food Safety Challenges facing 21st Century India” at Colorado School of Public Health, Anschutz Medical College, University of Colorado, Aurora, Co- USA on 8th January 2014.
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