Dr. M Varalakshmi

MSc (N), PhD
MBA, NA (Edu), PGD (Bioethics)
Assistant Professor,
School of Medical Sciences,
University of Hyderabad
Email: lakshmi@uohyd.ac.in;
Phone: 040 23135475/85

Dr.Varalakshmi Manchana has completed her undergraduate and graduate studies from Government CON, Osmania Medical College & Hospital, Hyderabad and Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D. in Nursing) from Rajiv Gandhi University of Health Sciences in aegis with Indian Nursing Council. Her Research interests are Non Communicable Diseases, Healthy & Cognitive Ageing, and Adolescent health with gender dimensions. Closely contributes to Public health Research with Behavioural Interventions strategies. Worked in various capacities like lecturer, assistant professor, Vice-principal and Principal for the UG-PG programs in Nursing before joining to the current position. Worked as nursing program coordinator in the School and contribute to teaching & Research in Nursing and Public health with innovative & interdisciplinary approaches. Richly contributed to streamline and for the accreditation of the UG-PG nursing programs and in the initiation of MPH and PhD in Health sciences programs in the School. Believe in lifelong learning and Value based education.

Research areas

Healthy and Cognitive Ageing, Women and Child Health, Non-Communicable diseases, Health Care Ethics, Social and Gender Equity dimensions of Health.

Selected Publications

  1. Varalakshmi Manchana (2019). Factors Associated with Health Care Utilization and Morbidity Pattern among Adults in Later Life: Community Based Study. Research & Reviews: A Journal of Health Professions;9(1):6-12
  2. Srujan Vineet Gannavarapu, Prakash Babu Phanithi, Varalakshmi Manchana. (2018) A Study to Evaluate the Awareness on OTC Health Education among Young Female Adolescents, JETIR 5(12), 587-592
  3. Manchana. V. (2017). Moral competence and perceived Moral distress among Health Care Professionals in an Urban Health care setting; Facility based study. IJSR, (6)4; 919-923.
  4. Manchana. V. (2017). Self-care Practices and Quality of Life among Men & Women  with Asthma, Health care facility based study in Telangana, South India. IOSR-JNHS.6 (2); 5-13
  5. Manchana. V. (2016). Gender Based Reproductive and Sexual Health among Urban Adolescent Students in South India.IOSR-JNHS.4 (5); 78-84
  6. Manchana. V. (2016). Gender Perspectives of Academic Stress and Emotional Intelligence among Adolescent students; A School based study. JIARM, 4(6); 259-274.
  7. Manchana.V,(2015). To study Coronary risk assessment among administrative employees, Nightingale Nursing times. (10)1; 27-31.
  8. Manchana V, Mahal R.K,(2015), Selected Nursing interventions in the effective management Of Bronchial Asthma, Nightingale Nursing times.(12)3; 24-26,351.
  9. Manchana V, Mahal R.K, (2015), Randomized controlled study on Quality of Life among Patients with Bronchial Asthma, JIARM,(2),12; 463-475.
  10. Manchana V, Mahal R.K, (2015), Effectiveness of Patient education on Quality of Asthma management Among adult asthmatics; A Cross sectional study, IJSR, (4)1; 203- 205.
  11. Manchana V, Mahal R.K (2014), Evaluating Asthma Knowledge among Patients with Bronchial Asthma; A Cross sectional study”, IJND, (4), 7, 12; 16-20;
  12. Manchana V, Mahal R.K (2014), Impact of Asthma Educational Intervention on Self- Care Management of Bronchial Asthma among Adult Asthmatics, Open Journal of Nursing, (4); 743-753

Research Projects


  1. Burden of Childhood Injuries -Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR)
  2. Family support and Health status among Elderly Population; Gender dimensions of Quality of Life-ICSSR
  3. Functional assessment in Older adults; India Ageing Study pilot program-SICI


  1. Health & Social status of the Elderly; a cross sectional study in Telangana State
  2. Academic stress & Emotional intelligence among adolescent students
  3. Academic Resilience and Social Support among adolescent students
  4. Reproductive and Sexual health among Adolescent students.
  5. Obesity and Cardiovascular risk assessment among adolescent students.
  6. Moral Resilience among Health care Professionals.
  7. Effectiveness of Educational Intervention on Home management in Bronchial asthma patients
  8. Coronary risk assessment and effect of structured education on knowledge related to stress management and early identification of coronary risk factors, among administrative employees
  9. Postnatal depression among mothers attending postnatal units of Government Maternity hospitals.

Invited talks

  1. Invited lectures on Gender sensitivity in Schools at National Leadership Institute to address School Teachers on Gender Sensitization and Equity in Schools and Education (April2019).
  2. Invited Member of Ad-Hoc Inspectors National meet by Indian Nursing Council (INC); Orissa & Tamilnadu-October 2018 & April2019 respectively.
  3. Delivered a Talk on “Trajectories of Active and Cognitive Ageing” at International Conference on Neurochemistry and Neuropharmacology from bench to bedside” by SNCI, Mysore (March 2019).
  4. Delivered a talk on” Gender dimensions of health and social support among older adults” at 106th Indian Science Congress, LPU, Punjab 9Jan 2019).
  5. Invited Speaker at PhD scholars’ Seminar and delivered a Talk on” Ageing well; Issues and Challenges” at Indian Institute of Technology, Hyderabad (October 2018).
  6. Invited Speaker and Chief guest to the National Workshop on, Critical Care Nursing by Eshwari Bai Memorial College of Nursing, Hyderabad ( October 2018).
  7. Invited Speaker at Engineering Staff College of India to address the Engineering Staff from the State Civil Organizations on; Urban Heat. Public Health Impact (2018).
  8. Invited Talk at National Leadership Institute to address School Teachers on Gender Sensitization in Schools (Sept’ 2018).
  9. Invited Speaker on the World Day for Social Justice at School of Social Sciences, UoH (2018)
  10. Invited Member of Ad-Hoc Inspectors National meet by Indian Nursing Council (INC) Madya Pradesh-2017

Research Lab

Active Ageing Research facility of the Nursing Research Lab at School of Medical Sciences is equipped with basic facilities to monitor functional health through Physiological status monitoring and Computer based spirometry and Computerized Psychometric assessment. The Psychometric assessment helps to assess the set of measures from the (Therasuite), an electronic device that provides Noninvasive testing procedures to assess and evaluate the parameters for attention, focus, concentration, reaction time etc.

Computerized PFT with Spirometry tests are performed in people specifically of advanced age (≥60 years ‘age). PFT measures various lung capacities like; Tidal volume (VT), Minute volume (MV), Vital capacity (VC), Functional residual capacity (FRC). Forced vital capacity (FVC) and Forced expiratory volume (FEV). This facilitates computer based assessment of the pre-post lung volumes. The wood way treadmill helps seniors’ physical activity monitoring to meet the recommended activity interventions as part of healthy ageing research project with adjunct support of the Physiological monitoring System (Zephyr) that measures, heart rate, breath rate, Heart Rae Variability (HRV) etc set parameters.

The lab requires up gradation to facilitate scientific gait monitoring and its assessment pre- post activity interventions and/or multi-modal interventions in adults, especially in senior adults

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