Dr. Katta Ajitha

Associate Professor,
School of Medical Sciences,
University of Hyderabad
Email: ajithakatta@gmail.com;
Phone: 040 2313 5480

Dr. K. Ajitha, joined as Associate Professor at the School of Medical Sciences, University of Hyderabad, is a community health physician by training. She served as an Assistant Professor in Shadan Institute of Medical Sciences and later in SRM University as Assistant Professor and Associate Professor. Dr. Ajitha has been closely involved with community based activities in like conducting health camps to reach the unreached population and also research activities in disadvantaged by socioeconomically and underprivileged population like tribal population .She has published in wide areas of public health like Maternal and child health to elderly health, prescription practices in rural and urban practitioners, and evaluation of community based health interventions. Her interest is in teaching and building a team for research and community services .She believes in equality and working for “reaching the unreached”.

Research areas

Ageing and disability, health care for the vulnerable population and infectious disease epidemiology

Selected Publications

  1. Katta A, Krishna AK, Bagavandas M, Anegawa T, Munuswamy S. Progressive disability in elderly population among tribals of Telangana: a cross sectional study. International journal for equity in health. 2017 Dec;16(1):104.
  2. Gopalakrishnan S, Ganeshkumar P, Katta A. Assessment of prescribing practices among urban and rural general practitioners in Tamil Nadu. Indian journal of pharmacology. 2013 May;45(3):252.
  3. Gopalakrishnan S, Ajitha K, Ganeshkumar P, Selvaraj I, Logaraj M. Assessment of patient care and health facility indicators among urban and rural private practitioners in Kancheepuram district of Tamil Nadu. India. NatJResComMed. 2012;1(4):178-241.
  4. Katta A, Gopalakrishnan S, Ganeshkumar P, Christopher A, Rajit K, Suresh M. Morbidity pattern and nutritional status of elderly population in rural Tamil Nadu. J Indian Acad Geriatr. 2011 Dec;7:159-62.
  5. Munuswamy S, Nakamura K, Katta A. Comparing the cost of electricity sourced from a fuel cell-based renewable energy system and the national grid to electrify a rural health centre in India: A case study. Renewable Energy. 2011 Nov 1;36(11):2978-83.

Research Projects

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Invited talks

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