Dr. Rishi Bhardwaj

Assistant Professor,
School of Medical Sciences,
University of Hyderabad
Email: rbmd.uoh@nic.in;
Phone: 040-2313 5474/6679 5474

I joined the School of Medical Sciences at the University of Hyderabad in May 2013. My first degree was in optometry (Elite School of Optometry: 1998-2002). In 2006 I joined Dr. Robert O’Shea’s lab as a doctoral student investigating swap rivalry (Otago University: 2006-2009). I spent two years as a post-doc in the UK, with Dr. Hannah Smithson working on sensory storage (Durham University: 2009- 2011). I returned to India as a Vice-Principal at Nethradhama School of Optometry (2012-2013). In 2010, I was received the Mark Bradshaw award from the Applied Vision Association.

Research areas

As a qualified optometrist, everything about the human visual system excites me. I am mainly interested in:

  • Factors which can degrade or affect binocular visual processing.
  • Why, when a target is followed by a non-target, it degrades target perception.
  • Why sometimes our perception oscillates between two different images (such as with the face-vase image).
  • Perception in amblyopia.
  • Response of the pupil to emotion.
  • Visual field loss from glaucoma and its influence on motion trajectories.
  • Perception of time.
  • Redundant target effect
  • Eye-movements

Selected Publications

  1. Male, S. R., Bhardwaj R.(2018). Effect of different illumination sources on reading and visual performance. Journal of Ophthalmic & Vision Research.
  2. Male, S. R., Bhardwaj, R., Krishna, P. (2017). Psychological Pleasure in reading and visual cognition under colour luminance a psycholinguistic Approach. Psychology and cognitive science, 3(4): 110-115
  3. Male, S. R., Bhardwaj R., Majumder C. (2017). Influence of Spectral distribution on accommodation – Vergence and reading performance. Annals of Eye Science, 2(29): 1-6.
  4. Male, S. R., Bhardwaj R. (2017). To assess the effect of lighting on identifying the ishihara color vision plates in trichomats. Ophthalmology Research: An International Journal, 7(1): 1-6
  5. Bhardwaj, R., O’Shea, R. P. (2012) Temporal analysis of image-rivalry suppression depth.PLosOne.
  6. Bhardwaj, R., Mollon, J.D.,& Smithson, H.E. (2012) Compatible and incompatible representations in visual sensory storage.Journal of Vision, 12(5): 1, 1–10. Geangu, Hauf, Bhardwaj, &Bentz (2011) Infant Pupil Diameter Changes in Response to Others’ Positive and Negative Emotions. PLosOne.

Research Projects

  • EU project – University of Hyderabad, Co-investigator: Optometry schools from Nine different countries come together to develop optometry curriculum for lifelong learning (OCULUS PLUS). Duration 2017-2020. Budget – INR 80,00,000/-
  • Filed for a patent on A system and method for binocular vision testing using a virtual reality display

Invited Talks

Bhardwaj, R. Harmonising Optometry Education through Evidence Based Practise – Oculus Plus Project Updates. Hyderabad Ophthalmology & Optometry Congress & Exhibition. 18th Nov 2018.

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